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 Digitises your Contract Works using Microsoft Office 365 Technologies 

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Transform Teamwork with Office 365
& integrate with existing systems 


Maximise YOUR Software Stack including SharePoint, PowerApps and Microsoft Teams


The Art of Possible !

Office 365 enables Clients, and Contractors to work together effectively. 

The Technology has equal application for all types of works; major projects, smaller works and ongoing maintenance activities where reporting is direct to the Client.

Bespoke Solutions

You own the App, Data & Workflows!

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SOLUTIONS for ALL the Team

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Construction Workers

Enable employees, the client and principal contractors to report a concern / good practice electronically via a poster.


Generate automated workflows and close out non-conformities and record improvements made using interlined PowerApps.  

Data pushed and pulled in PowerApps.  


Report in HTML format to SharePoint.

Record multiple site visits with PowerApps.

Works offline.

Allow users to record site visits, time of attendance and departure.


Upload multiple site visits once they come back online (4G). 


Enable operatives and managers to record comments, work progress, non-conformities etc.

Export attendance reports to Excel.

All in PowerApps

View the skills, knowledge and experience of employees and sub-contractors.  Pull CSCS / NPORS cards back.


Sort, filter and check out a job role and compare it against an individual and their certificated training. 


Record training and attach / associate their certificate as an image or, a hyperlink.

View training expiry dates in the App and create automated queries on records and receive automatic 
notification expiry to MS Outlook.

Get a forward view of up and coming training courses.

All in PowerApps.

Construction Workers
Cement Pipes
Installation Power Buggy Rental

Undertake audits and inspections of assets using Microsoft PowerApps off mobile devices:​

  • Set workflows so that non-conformities generate workflows for corrective action

  • View evidence in the form of photographs​

  • View summary information presented in the form of Management Data Dashboards (Microsoft Power BI)

  • Search for standard wordings (finding / corrective actions) and edit these on the fly

  • Reorder images and text in the app

  • View the unanswered sections

  • Generate fully formatted MS Word documents, HTML files or Excel spreadsheets

  • Own the data and reports

  • Pull back previous audit reports and duplicate

Support site requisition requests and closeout full and part deliveries of tools, components and materials. Closeout the issue of missing paperwork!

All the processes in terms of  requisition can be automated with ordering, approval by buying department, request for quotation with purchasing and notification of what has been ordered to a manager with PO number.

All in PowerApps

Supporting the Plant Dept. in the management of company assets across projects: 

  • Manage asset information

  • Record the inspection of assets

  • Record defects

  • Manage maintenance and repair

  • Pull back certificates (TAX/MOT/LOLER)

  • Run queries on data

  • Receive automated notifications e.g. certificate expiry.

Data pushed and pulled in PowerApps.

Teams 3.PNG
Site Induction - Safety Arrangements.PNG

Manage documents and access permissions in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Communicate and share documents.

Post Apps.

Hold confidential data in 'Child' SharePoint sites.

Migrate and archive at the end of a project.

Apply document loss policies and version management documents.

Lever Microsoft Planner and OneNote in the same environment.

Manage due diligence, competency and handle all differing types of permit in PowerApps.

Cross reference to site induction and uploaded RAMS for work.

Generate paper printout of the permits, electronically record issue and capture the completed permit at the end of work.

Migrate and archieve at the end of a project.

Apply document loss policies and version management to the PTW .

Use Microsoft Sway to support 'company' and site induction. 


Cast toolbox talks from a mobile device to a TV / PC Monitor.    

Closeout and record attendance using a PowerApp.  Data to SharePoint. 

Export competency requirements and reports to Excel.

Writing with Pen

Site Diary (In Development)

We also support our Clients is through:

  • Development of bespoke Applications built within Microsoft PowerApps. 

  • Provision of Mentoring, Training and Support in the use of O365 tools.

All in PowerApps.  Data to SharePoint.

Get the most out of Microsoft' Software Subscription including
SharePoint, PowerApps and Microsoft Teams



Contractor 365 has a Team of People with the Skills, Knowledge and Expertise to understand Construction and Contractor related problems and deploy a mix of Office 365 Technologies to meet individual Contractor and Client needs. 


We speak your language - Our Organisation possesses a diverse range of expertise including qualified:

  • Microsoft 365 Experts

  • Construction Risk Management Professionals
    (Members APS and IOSH)

  • Database Developers

  • Mechanical Engineers


As an organisation we are small enough to care but sufficiently resourced and committed to meeting clients expectations.

We offer transparent pricing and will never make excessive charges for the work we do. 




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 0161 408 2088 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

118, Hoyes Lane


Preston PR44 0NB


Tel: 0161 408 2088


To apply for a job with Contractor 365, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 0161 408 2088

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